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What are Community Ambassadors?

Community Ambassadors are members of the community who have been selected to represent the forum. They could be appointed for any of the following reasons:

  • Outstanding commitment to improving life within the community
  • Effort to support fellow members with issues they might be facing
  • Creating useful and impressive content that represents well the nature of the forum.
  • Being useful to staff (e.g. reporting wrongdoers, etc.).

There are, of course, other reasons why a member might be appointed an ambassador, but these are fine of examples.

How are Ambassadors selected?

There are two stages to the selection of a new Community Ambassador. They are as follows:

  1. Recommendation by members of the community
  2. Support of a recommendation by members of the staff team

The first stage involves the recommendation of a member for the role by a member of the community, and this receiving much support from others.

When a recommendation is seen to have a significant level of support, it is reviewed by the staff team, and a decision is made. If the staff team decides to accept the recommendation, the member will be contacted by message informing them that they have been made a Community Ambassador. If the recommendation is rejected, the member will be informed that they received a lot of support, and that they should keep up the hard work, in the hopes of getting the position in the future.

If a member is particularly outstanding, stage 1 can be skipped entirely.

What is the role of the Community Ambassador?

Community Ambassadors are at the forefront of ensuring that our community is safe, and that everybody is happy. They have the following roles:

  • Submit and review reports regularly, to ensure that content is appropriate and family-friendly
  • Remain active on the forum, and respond to user's threads to ensure that support is given where needed, and that nobody is made to feel left out.
  • Participate in discussions in areas of their specialism / enjoyment (e.g. politics).

Community Ambassadors are, to some extent, moderators, though they do not have quite as many privileges as moderators. They are often contacted within a few months of being made ambassadors regarding promotion to a Moderator position.

Moderators will only ever be Community Ambassadors or members of staff from QuinHub Network.

Who should I go to if I need support?

Assuming that it is support regarding the forum, and does not regard your account or the security thereof, Community Ambassadors should be your first port of call. They have spent a long period of time on the forum, and know how things work.

However, there are a few things to bare in mind:

  • Community Ambassadors are not members of staff. They are members of the public who are volunteering to help out the community. As such, you should not discuss the following information with them:
    • Account related information (especially sensitive information
    • Your real identity (real name, address, financial information
    • Credentials for services - this violates our Terms and Conditions.
    • Privileged information given to you by a member of staff.
  • Community Ambassadors have been instructed to not ask you for any of this information, and that they are not staff - if any ambassador requests any of this information from you, you must contact a member of staff IMMEDIATELY - members of staff are represented by a verified tick next to their name.

As long as you bare in mind all of this, make sure you approach ambassadors - they are there to help, after all. Community Ambassadors can be identified as they have a star next to their name.

Our current list of Community Ambassadors can be found on the Members List.

Jun 1, 2017
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